Sports Series - Audio CD's

SP -01: Visualization for confidence in sports
This CD is designed to help athletes and sports person to develop all important mental skills necessary to achieve peak performance in sports. Visualization technique is used to develop confidence in sports. In this CD the physical and word trigger is used by which the confidence enhances.

SP -02: Visualization for dealing with fear
A successful athletes or a player requires an attitude to over come any fear or any obstacles coming onto his way. By using a trigger of Self- hypnosis you will be able to vanish your fear from your mind and body and the affirmations will help you to develop confidence.

SP -03: Visualization for team building
Visualization technique used for team building is highly effective to improve your game. The trigger used here is to be shared with your team mates and play your best.

SP -04: Visualization for Goal achievements
Visualize your goal and fulfill it by using a trigger given in the CD. A word trigger is used to achieve any goal. This technique will help you tremendously to achieve your goal and play your best.

SP -05: Visualization for Healing
Visualization technique used here for healing is very powerful. It is of great help to remove all your negative thoughts and energy which is there in you. A mental trigger is used to heal your wound.

SP-06: Visualization for letting go
Visualize your strength and improve your game. Re correct your mistakes by using a trigger given in the CD. Prepare yourself and acknowledge your ability listening to this CD.

SP-07: Visualization for Pain Control
Control your pain in sports by visualization technique. Drift away any pain from your body by using a mental trigger.

SP-08: Visualization for Passion and vitality
Improve vitality and your passion by visualization technique. A time trigger which energizes your body and mind is used here in this technique.

SP-09: Visualization for power flow
Visualize the power flow in your mind to improve your game. A word trigger is used in this technique which enhances your game.

SP-10: Healing and Confidence
Finding the cause and releasing it and developing confidence. Resolve the problem from your mind by using the mental trigger. Gain confidence and Self esteem more and more. Progressively you will improve in your life. This CD will help you tremendously.

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